Mindfulness Eğitimi (Ankara)


Mindfulness Eğitimi (İstanbul)

Farkındalık (Mindfulness) nedir?

Farkındalık (Mindfulness) olanı olduğu gibi görmektir, yorum katmadan, yargılamadan, eleştirmeden, merakla, ilk defa görüyormuş gibi….Aynı bu gölün etraftakileri yansıttığı gibi, sakince.


Prof. Ellen Langer’dan 5 Farkındalık ipucu

|2/12/2014 @ 2:10PM |13.748 views

5 Mindfulness Steps That Guarantee Increased Success And Vitality

 In my training as a family therapist years ago, I began to see clearly that the ways in which we view ourselves and the world around us, in fact, alters our lives and our experiences dramatically. As science has proved, “The observer affects the observed,” or put another way, what you believe, you will live.

I was intrigued, then, when I recently learned of the mindfulness research conducted by Dr. Ellen Langer, a renowned mindfulness expert, experimental social psychologist and Psychology Professor at Harvard University, and the author of the groundbreaking book Mindfulness. Dr. Langer is considered the “mother of mindfulness” and has been researching mindfulness for more than 35 years, producing an important body of work on the impact of mindfulness on expanding success, health and vitality.

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MIT “Presencing” Enstitüsü Kurucusu Otto Scharmer’in Davos İzlenimi

Otto Scharmer

Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer, MIT; Founding chair, Presencing Institute 

Davos: Mindfulness, Hotspots, and Sleepwalkers

I just returned from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. I came away with three observations: mindfulness is approaching a tipping point; human energy hotspots are the real attractor; and collective sleepwalkers remain dominant.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is close to reaching a tipping point. Only two years ago, mindfulness and mindful leadership were discussed at the WEF for the first time. Since then, almost all of the mindfulness-related events there have been oversubscribed. Mindfulness practices like meditation are now used in technology companies such as Google and Twitter (amongst others), in traditional companies in the car and energy sectors, in state-owned enterprises in China, and in UN organizations, governments, and the World Bank. As Loic Le Meur, a serial tech entrepreneur from Silicon Valley puts it: “It’s funny, everyone I know has started meditating. In the Valley, there’s a real social pressure on you [to do it]. Six months ago I gave in and started my own daily practice.” Tüm yazı için tıklayın.

Davos Dünya Ekonomik Forumu 2014’te Farkındalık (Mindfulness) Semineri

Davos 2014: What we learned

By Emily Young, BBC News, Davos


They went up the mountain, but what did they discover there?

Davos 2014. About 2,500 global leaders and 1,500 business heavyweights have been up the mountain – and now they’re heading down again. So what came out of this year’s attempt to put the world to rights? Here’s a summaryDevamı için tıklayın

2014 davos mindfulness meeting

Delegates at a mindfulness meeting

Farkındalık (Mindfulness) Şubat’ta Time’ın Kapak Konusu

The Mindful Revolution

Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may just be a matter of thinking differently

By Kate Pickert Monday, Feb. 03, 2014

Minfulness Time kapak The raisins sitting in my sweaty palm are getting stickier by the minute. They don’t look particularly appealing, but when instructed by my teacher, I take one in my fingers and examine it. I notice that the raisin’s skin glistens. Looking closer, I see a small indentation where it once hung from the vine. Eventually, I place the raisin in my mouth and roll the wrinkly little shape over and over with my tongue, feeling its texture. After a while, I push it up against my teeth and slice it open. Then, finally, I chew — very slowly. Devamı için tıklayın.

Mindfulness: İşyerindeki Eski Zorluklara Yeni Çözümler

Ekran Alıntısı1

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İş Hayatında Farkındalık (Mindfulness) Neler Kazandırır?

Businessman sitting on conference room tableGoogle, Apple, Harvard Business School Liderlik Programları… İş dünyasında farkındalık’tan bir çok şirket yararlanıyor. İş hayatındaki pek çok zorluğun üstesinden gelmekte yardımcı oluyor. Farkındalığın iş dünyasındaki yeri için…